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As some of you know, Luke and I have been experimenting with the effects of cold on our health since reading the blog of Dr. Jack Kruse. We haven’t done too great with our regiment since getting back from vacation two months ago, but we are excited to get back in the groove of things soon!

There are a plethora of health benefits associated with cold adaptation. Show me the proof, you might say! Well, below I’m compiling all the blog posts, scientific journal articles, and other resources I find on this subject. If you aren’t yet convinced of the benefits of cold, you can start by reading the posts I’ve written and then delve a little deeper digging into some of the other resources.

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My posts on Cold Adaptation:

Videos of smart people talking:

Studies in Academic Journals:

Blog posts and news articles about Cold Adaptation:

Podcasts with Dr. Kruse (aka, the cold guru):

  • Dr. Kruse interviewed on Underground Wellness with Sean Croxton
  • Dr. Kruse interviewed on It’s Rainmaking Time, a show interested in broadcasting information about new breakthroughs and discoveries.
  • Dr. Kruse interviewed on Fat-Burning Man with Able James

Posts by Dr. Kruse:

I would love to continue to add more resources to this post, so if you know of one not listed here please leave a comment so I can add it! Stay cool :)


  1. Very interesting article(s). Not sure cold therapy is for me, but thanks for sharing.

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  2. lenoriarose says:

    People laugh about it but being out in the cold really does keep you healthier! At least that is what I want to believe as I wear short sleeves throughout the winter every winter 😉

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  3. Thank you! CT is quite addicting. I can’t wait until our new house is ready… the timing of it will be when God starts shutting off some of the extreme heat in Texas.

    I’ll need a good refresher so this will provide helpful links. Thank you.


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