Willow Sprouts Organic Cotton Nursing Pads (review)

For my first child, I purchased three sets of cotton nursing pads. I won’t mention the brands, because I don’t exactly have much positive to say (other than that they saved me a lot of money).

A Comparison of Cotton Nursing Pads- Review on IntoxicatedonLife.com

The nice flat one on the left is the Willow Sprouts pad. The wrinkly one on the right is a different brand. If you’re a nursing mama be sure to check out all of the posts in our Breastfeeding & Beyond series!

From day one, the pads were irritating. They had very thick edges, for one thing, and seemed to need ironing or the edges would ripple up. It’s not like I had a ton of time to iron with a newborn, so most of the time, I just wound up with highly noticeable lumps on my chest. It was either that, or risk going out and having even more noticeable milk stains on my shirt. Not exactly a great choice! 

Willow Sprouts Organic Nursing Pads are Different

When I wore the Willow Sprouts Organic Nursing pads, the first thing I noticed was that they molded to my body: they were invisible under my shirt. I was worried that they’d crimp and wrinkle the way the other nursing pads did after washing, but they never did. Even after several washes, they still come out of the dryer flat and invisible under my nursing tops.

The second thing I noticed is that they had a lot more absorbancy. I had to change my other nursing pads at least once a day, although my milk supply wasn’t particularly good that time around.

My supply is much healthier this time around, to the point of having an overabundance. At every feeding, I leak approximately one half to one full ounce of milk (which I know for a fact, since I use a Milkies Milk Saver whenever I get the chance—not every time, with two little ones!). The Willow Sprout pads last a full day, and then, I change them just because it’s hygienic—they’re still not fully saturated.

Navigating the Booby Trap: Breastfeeding & Beyond - Breastfeeding series @ Intoxicatedonlife.com (25 authors, 40+ posts)The fabric is also nice and soft. The other pads that I own are soft as well, but whatever the cover fabric is sometimes sticks to my skin—and it is not fun to have to pull fabric off raw, irritated skin. With the Willow Sprouts pads, I’ve never had that problem. It might not sound like a huge deal, but when just about everything on your body is sore in the postpartum period, every little bit helps!

These nursing pads are great and very comfortable! Compared with going through box after box of disposable nursing pads (which adds up really quickly), it’s nice to make a few one-time purchases and not have to deal with added expenses and added bulk in the trashcan. These nursing pads are a wonderful way to save resources!

Do you have favorite nursing pads? Why do you love them?

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