The Best eBook Bundle Sale Ever. Seriously.

This sale is now over.

I love that card in Monopoly that says, “Bank error in your favor. Collect $100.”

When I look at this eBundle sale going on right now, it reminds me of that. It makes me think somebody didn’t do the math right on this one. How can I get more than $700 worth of stuff for $29.97?

Learn more in this short video my wife made. (Isn’t she crafty?)

We’re honored to be asked to include our Write Through the Bible curriculum in this eBundle next to so many great ebooks, curriculum, and ecourses.

As you can see, there are a ton of resources in this. Of course, I don’t plan on using all of these books, but if you plan on using even a tenth of them, you save money (not to mention all of the bonus offers that we’re totally psyched about).

You can buy the bundle right now, or get a complete list of all the stuff in the bundle.


  1. I like how you broke all the titles up into groups. When i first saw the sale and some of the titles I thought this wasn’t for me. When you showed the different titles in groups I saw there was so much more. I may just buy it afterall!

    • Trisha Gilkerson says:

      I’ve been enjoying many of the books. They’re not all for me, but you’re getting a deal even if you only like 1/10 of the titles! Or, if you take advantage of a few of the bonus offers. I’m actually really excited about some of the bonus offers! Redmond Trading Co. has some amazing natural products, I’m really excited about the yogurt cultures because I’ve been wanting to try making yogurt with coconut milk, and I’ve never tried TriLight health or TruKids products but I’ve heard good things about them and am happy to have a chance to check them out.

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