June’s Featured Wellness Wednesday Posts

Featured PostsNo-Fail, No-Pound Sauerkraut

I just received my new fido jars this month, and I’m excited to begin my ferments with this recipe. It’s not ready yet, so I can’t testify that the recipe worked out for me…but Eileen from Phoenix Helix does promise that it is a no fail recipe!

MSG Defined

Krystyna, from Spring Mountain Living, shared this informative post on MSG. I think we’ve all heard that it’s unhealthy, but why? And where is it found? She answers these questions in this post.

Defending our Skin from from UV Rays Internally and Naturally

Is it possible to protect your skin without slathering chemical-laden sunscreen all over your body? Yes, indeed it is. Roechelle from Hug a Tree with Me provides some excellent dietary advice that will enhance skin protection.

Bon Appetit bebe! (what to feed baby)

Jennifer, from Growing up Triplets, has a fantastic series she has been doing on her site all about first foods for baby.  I’ve enjoyed them all, but this one I thought was particularly good because she outlines what the best first foods are for your baby (nope…rice cereal doesn’t make the list).

Sugar Content of Common Fruits

I loved this post from one of my co-hosts Lea at Nourishing Treasures. She provides a fabulous resource for those of us who are trying to keep sugar at a minimum (yes, even the natural sugars found in fruits).

Be sure to take a minute and visit each of these featured posts! I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. 

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  1. Thanks for hosting! I like your linky widget. :-)

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Trisha! :) I am excited to ferment some veggies soon, too!

  3. Good Morning! Finances seem to always be tight, but I think we all agree that nutrition shouldn’t suffer. Today I’m sharing a post on how to grind flour without a grain mill. Plus, an excellent sourdough bread recipe that’s perfect for beginning sourdough bakers! As always, thanks for hosting! ~Tiffany

  4. Thanks for the highlight! This week, I’m sharing information about nightshades, how they can affect inflammation, and how to live without them if you must.

  5. Always love your “featured” posts for the month. :) Thanks for hosting!


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