The BIG Kindle Fire Giveaway (Three Winners)

At Intoxicated on Life, we are big on education: parents educating themselves, parents educating kids. We aim to be a parent-centered, research-driven, and God-honoring blog. To raise healthy, holy kids, we must first know what healthiness and holiness is, and to know that, we must be educated.

This is why we love devices like the Kindle Fire: you can have a whole library at your fingertips.

A Big Kindle Fire Giveaway Blog Hop

Myself and a team of 22 other bloggers have joined together to offer 3 winners a Kindle Fire (valued at $159! each). Yep, we are giving away 3 Kindle Fires and there is a BIG chances you can win one but first you have to enter this BIG Giveaway Blog Hop.

Here is how it works…

  1. Comment on my blog by answering the question – you will get one entry
  2. Once you left a comment, enter as many or all of the entries by following or liking each of the Bloggers on the social media platforms you use – if you DO enter them all, you will get 46 entries in this giveaway for this option
  3. Visit the other bloggers to learn about the sponsors of this BIG Kindle Fire Giveaway and leave a comment to let us know you stopped by

If you counted it all up, you could have 47 chances to win a Kindle Fire, in 3 different drawings. If you don’t have enough time to enter all these entries or visit the sponsors right now, be sure to come back before October 1st, midnight EST, when it closes.

Let’s meet the Sponsors of this BIG Kindle Fire Giveaway Blog Hop…

The Library Adventure
SimplySherryl Extreme Couponing, Stretching a Buck Blog Gift of Curiosity
Daze of Adventure
Paradise Praises
Equipping Women for Today Free Homeschool Deals

Winners will be notified by their entry email on October 2nd, after they are confirmed as entering correctly. Winners have 48 hours to provide us with your mailing address before another winner is selected.


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  1. anne windholtz says:

    Even though we use some nutritional ingredients (we grind our wheat ( organic wheat, spelt, and rye) in our recipes and are not completely gluten free, I do notice less bloating when I don’t use wheat products whether their the good stuff and use more gluten free. My oldest son seemed to do better cognitively when all gluten free (he’s 20 and sometimes eats junk ). So I do know their is something to be gained from going gluten free. THanks

  2. anne windholtz says:

    There is no way as a single mom, raising kids, going back to college full time and working I can enter your kindle fire contest a lot of times so please give us a fair chance to get our name in the pot. lol! Thanks!

  3. carriescreativekitchen says:

    Where is the question & when does it start?

  4. Wow, there is so much we would use a Kindle for. I would get a copy of the Bible on it first off. Then I would store some of the books we’ve been wanting to read. Next I would put my crochet patterns on it so I would have them with me when I go out.

  5. I would use it to read on the go.

  6. Great contest, Luke! Hoping to add a Kindle Fire to our family of 4.

  7. Michelle O'Malley says:

    I would use it as 1 of our trio’s birthday present. Then we would only have to get 2 more :) We want to get them on ABC Mouse :) Thanks for the oppurtunity

  8. Michelle Benskin says:

    I have tried it myself and seen only a slight improvement – I think kids with ADD/ADHD or social anxiety problems may benefit from things I’ve read about what sets them off sometimes (my 21 year old daughter suffers from both and is graduating from college to be a teacher in 2014!). Good luck with the research and sorry I can’t help you more other than just a slight improvement of feeling more healthy.

  9. We don’t have a tablet and this is a great opportunity for my family to educate on the ‘go’ :)

  10. Reading, word games, and recipes!

  11. Reading in the car!

  12. My son would benefit from this for school.

  13. carriescreativekitchen says:

    Can’t find the question to answer, but if it’s how would we use it, here’s my answers:
    my trucker hubby would live a way to read while waiting for loads,
    My kidz would love to use it for on the go school reading,
    I have had my eye on the Kindle Fire & can’t wait to see or try one. Sounds handy for Sunday School studying & homeschooling!!!

  14. Yay for mobile classrooms!

  15. We would use it for books for the kids and I.

  16. Crystie Welte says:

    Soon, we will be traveling the US with our children, to minister and “road school.” Each one of them will need a Kindle as carrying a lot of books will not be an option.

  17. Love contest…and the Fire. Can’t wait.

  18. I had to look up what a Kindle Fire does before I could write what I would use it for. ha. I know you could read books on it, but that was all I knew.

    I am a stay at home Mom, so our financial resources are limited. God has blessed us by meeting our needs. I wouldn’t buy a Kindle because I feel like it’s not a necessity, but it sure would be nice to win one. :) I presently share a computer with my son. I love that that the Kindle is portable. I have thousands of free ebooks on Amazon cloud. I would use it to read those books and look at recipes without having to print them. I would love to read the Bible on the kindle where I can read it with big print. :)

    Thanks for offering this giveaway. Someone will be very blessed to receive it. God bless.

  19. We would use it for reading and schooling on the road as we look to traveling more this year.

  20. I would use the kindle fire to read books on natural living- going Paleo, GF, etc. Not to mention all the gardening books I’d have at my finger tips. :)

  21. I love books so I would use it simply to read and store books!

  22. I’d love to win!

  23. I would give it to my 13 yr. old son. He had a Kindle he took great care of but after 3-4 yrs. it died, he would be thrilled to get a new one.

  24. We would love to add a Kindle Fire to our homeschool curriculum. My boys would find many things to use it for to enhance their school experience

  25. We would use a Kindle for homeschooling of course! I would love to have my ESV Study Bible on there because it would be a whole lot easier to carry!

  26. Would sure help for homeschooling!!

  27. Danielle Griner says:

    I would use my Kindle to borrow books from the library. And it would make it much easier to read books while rocking little ones to sleep.

  28. I’d use it to read books & watch shows while cooking :)

  29. I would use it to access all the cookbooks I’ve downloaded but can’t read on my basic Kindle. I am also looking for something to read books (which will show the pictures) to the grandkids since we are moving near them! We’ve been in Guatemala for almost 5 years and are just moving back so I can’t wait to snuggle them and read to them! πŸ˜€

  30. Would use to read books in bed and take recipes into the kitchen. Right now I am connected to my PC via a free Kindle app…hard to carry that around…lol

  31. I have only just begun the great wheat/gluten exodus. I’ve gone a few weeks without it and then fell off the wagon and definitely noticed a difference with some inflammatory issues. I’d call me, tiptoeing in. Thanks for the opportunity on the Kindle. :)

  32. jacqueline stroud says:

    what a fun give away i love your site

  33. As a college student, I would definitely use it to keep up with my online classes; along with recipes on pinterest, work scheduling, and other ways of organizing my life!

  34. I would use it for reading and school for my two children.

  35. We would use it for schooling on the go.

  36. Music, movies, games,

  37. Darlene Branson says:

    I’m visiting through the Blog Hop Giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  38. I would use it for recipes and novels!!

  39. I did give up wheat, but did not see any differences in my health. As for the Kindle, it would be helpful for school, travel, ministry and leisure reading. Would love to win!

  40. Free e-books!! I have the Kindle app on my phone but it would be soo much easier to read on a Kindle. Plus I wouldn’t have to use up the space on my phone. I’m always on the lookout for free e-books…they’re awesome!

  41. Tonya Henschen says:

    I have just started going gluten and wheat free myself. It has been hard for me to do this but I am trying as I am a Diabetic and trying to get myself healthier and I am tired of being sick all the time. We could use this prize.

  42. my daughter would love this

  43. patrick cordery says:

    I would use this for my homeschool with all the apps and movies.

  44. School, entertainment, games.

  45. Homeschool and for my reading.

  46. We are on the go a lot, and I think the Kindle would be a great addition to keep the schooling happening wherever we are! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  47. school or reading outside the home.

  48. We would usea kindle for reading,music and educational on the go apps

  49. This Kindle is for mama if I win it πŸ˜‰

  50. We’re following the THM diet plan and the food choices my young kids are voluntarily making are incredibly wise choices! Yay! We have many use for a kindle fire

  51. Monica Corn says:

    I would use the kindle to help our youngest child, Chloe who is 2 1/2, she has been diagnosed with Apraxia. It would help her with speech and brain stimulation.

  52. My family has not given up wheat…yet. I have considered it lots of times. I have also attempted to eat gluten free but I have not eliminated it completely.

  53. I think reading is the main thing I would use it for. However, I would also love to use it to reference recipes for cooking and listen to music on there. :)

  54. Kindle Fire giveaway–count me in! As for gluten free, not completely in our house. Nonetheless, I can testify that our move toward unprocessed foods has resulted in less digestive issues.

  55. We’d use the Kindle for lots of things – but mostly for apps for our 6 yr. old special needs son – to help him learn basic school stuff – letters, sounds etc.

  56. Barbara Malone
    wow I love to have one thoese I never had any thing like that!!!!

  57. In our house, a kindle would be a multipurpose fun tool. A cookbook, ereader, gaming console, educational teacher for my littles and myself;) so much more too :)

  58. We would use it in our homeschooling lessons for our three little boys! TY so much for this contest.

  59. Amanda Sydnor says:

    It would be for my boys, particularly my 4-yr-old. Currently, they use my kindle, which is littered with teaching apps, educational games, books for both them and me, diy books, etc. I recently discovered some free educational apps that are great for keeping my boys busy while I’m getting the car worked on or otherwise out without much for them to do. It’s definitely a teaching tool. He loves tracing the letters and putting puzzles together. It definitely came in handy during a long wait at the bank!

  60. Hi Luke & Trisha, I just entered this great giveaway you all are hosting, just stopping by to say thanks for the opportunity.

  61. I love your website and I’m just stopping by today to say thanks for the chance to win!

  62. WOW that is a really wonderful thing you guys are doing. It would be such a blessing to win one for my 3 1/2 year old. I can not afford daycare and I just got back in college, but online college, so i hate to see my boy bored and watching too much tv to see him entertained, it kills me so a tablet and some educational apps would be amazing. Thanks for this amazing chance.

  63. I would use it to replace my book collection. We are trying to downsize our clutter, and a digital library would certainly free up some space. Also, I have to little guys, so it would be great for educational apps for them.

  64. Lisa Lopacinski says:

    My son has a speech delay called Apraxia. There are lots of books and apps that we could use on the Kindle to help him.

  65. We would use the Kindle Fire to continue enriching activities/reading during the many hours each week we spend sitting in waiting rooms. πŸ˜‰

  66. I would love to incorporate a Kindle Fire in our homeschooling. : )

  67. Jennifer Napier says:

    I use my Kindle touch for reading for myself and for some of our homeschooling needs. I would love to have a Kindle fire to add to my daughter’s homeschool resources!

  68. Would use it as a motivator for kid of the day to play games, read their literature work, bible time, apps for the day.

  69. I would use it for homeschool for my kids – especially my son, who is an avid reader. :)

  70. We homeschool and just started a completely online school program. With 4 kids doing regular school and 2 preschoolers, we could use an extra device for them to work on. So, if won the Kindle Fire it would definitely be put to good use.

  71. Heather Young says:

    We’d use it a lot for homeschooling! Free ebooks, school apps, etc.

  72. We have not given up wheat in our family yet, as currently we do not have health issues. However, as an RN, I do see the benefits of Gluten and Wheat Free diets have made on many families and individuals who have identified problems in digestion/mood related to these foods.
    Thank you for this give away!

  73. We would love a kindle for use in our homeschool! It would save our family time and money using ebooks and apps

  74. I would use it for schooling on the go and pleasure reading for myself. We are out of bookshelves in our house!

  75. I would use it for reading and learning with my babes, 5 and 3! How fun would this be! :)

  76. I would get a bunch of books for my daughter to read.

  77. We homeschool and use the Charlotte Mason method. It calls for LOTS of read-aloud books and the kindle is super helpful and helps save money! I have an older Kindle with keyboard that is not working very well anymore and it would be so nice to have a Kindle Fire!

  78. Christine T. says:

    My husband just lost his job. This would be a great help for us – I could download free homeschool things for my kids & I’d use it for helping my husband searching for a job online. possibilities are endless actually!

  79. Jackie harris says:

    I would love a Kindle!

  80. I would use it to read and for homeschooling apps.

  81. susan navas says:

    I depend on a lot of e books for our homeschooling. I know my five year old would love it as much as me!! She loves all of the educational games we pull up on the computer.

  82. Teresa Locklear says:

    We would use it in so many ways. We homeschool and so we’d use it for that. I download ebooks often and would use it for that. I think it would be great to have in the kitchen when making a recipe to have it right there. Thanks for offering this!

  83. I would use it with educational apps and e-books for the kids. Tablets can be really helpful for homeschoolers!

  84. Angela Hall says:

    I would use our Kindle for reading myself while nursing our youngest, but also for homeschooling.

  85. Amanda Clay says:

    We have thought about removing wheat from the family diet to find out the healthy benefits but were overwhelmed by all of the instructions and off-limits food when you’re first starting out. I’m sure it’s easier once you’re already in a rhythm but it it was daunting and during a busy time in our lives.

  86. Lisa Glasnapp says:

    I would use the Kindle in our home education. Thank you for entering me!

  87. My kindle broke and I need a replacement. With this being a kindle fire I could still read and my kids could use the educational apps

  88. I would love to have a Kindle for all those e-books I always buy!

  89. We would use it with our school activities

  90. We’d use it for the children’s homeschool reading assignments. That’s be really helpful!

  91. We would use it in many ways; we homeschool so we would mainly use it for that..

  92. We would use a kindle fire for several purposes. First we would use it for educational apps for my kids. I have over 500 books in my kindle account, that I’ve bought through my computer (many of them kids books, that we have to look at on my computer). We would also use it for games for the kids when they have done their homeschool work and their chores. Thanks for putting these up as a prize!

  93. Heather scollon says:

    I would use the kindle fire for ebooks. Also I homeschool so I would allow my children to use it for educational purposes.

  94. Donna Thomas says:

    We would use the kindle fire in our home school.The kids entered the reading contest at the library this summer in hopes of winning one, but we had a problem and couldn’t turn in our reading logs. Had to do so in person. This would really help my 3 kiddos!! Thanks!!

  95. We haven’t tried a gluten or wheat-free diet. I know a few who have, but our family is very healthy eating the way we have for years: growing our own food AMAP and making almost everything from scratch (including whole wheat bread).

  96. Yes, I would love to incorporate the kindle into our homeschool classroom – kids’ independent reading, Mom’s reading aloud and so may other ways to explore! Thank you for the chance to win!

  97. Playing games and looking up info while homeschooling

  98. We’d use it for reading ebooks and possibly for some apps that the kids can earn time for doing their chores.

  99. We homeschool. With four children it is a contest to see who gets to read first with the kindle we do have. It would greatly help my daughter who learns better in a nontraditional ways.

  100. I would use it for books for my children in our homeschool !
    Linda Finn

  101. Sherri Lechner says:

    Would use for our homeschooling. He so easily needs something portable, than just to sit in a chair at the computer to read.

  102. I would use it with our homeschooling. it would help me save money by buying ebooks instead of actual paper books.

  103. We would use a Kindle for homeschool for educational games and books.

  104. Arlene Caswell says:

    Kindle Fire sounds awesome!

  105. We would study the Bible on it. Watch Christian based movies, and read books.

  106. How would I use the kindle fire? Honestly, since I’ve never had one I am not quite sure. I can imagine I would use the kindle fire as and aid for some therapies for my special needs daughter (touch screens have some great programs for getting her to use her fingers better), and as an aid for schoolwork, especially when we’re on the go for doctor appointments and such. I have kindle on my computer only, and I bet this would help me read some of the books I downloaded that I don’t get too because I am tired of sitting at a desk :)

  107. Tammy Drost says:

    I would like to use it while waiting for the kids at their various activities and let them use it as an incentive to read more!

  108. Bonnie Boucek says:

    Have children reading more!

  109. This is totally an amazing giveaway. I’ve always wanted a kindle fire! Thanks so much because we would use it in home school and church, as I’m AWANA Director and teach in Jr Church. : )

  110. Our boys would love it to get their required reading minutes in each week. =)

  111. The Kindle would be for my children, to use for homeschool.

  112. We haven’t given up wheat, but we have looked into some alternatives.

  113. I would use a kindle fire to downloads all allkinds of fun books to read with my boys.

  114. I would use a Kindle mostly to read books, but I could also use it to acquire books and surf the net.

  115. My Son Loves To Read, So I Would Have It With Us So He Can Read At Anytime. Thank you.

  116. I’ve been eating a lot less wheat lately, but it hasn’t really been intentional, and I don’t know that any health benefits I’ve noticed would be related to that. I am currently pregnant and my stomach has been veeeerrrry picky. I can basically eat fruits and vegetables, beans, and some meats. But some of the cereals that are okay are wheat-based and others aren’t. And I’ve actually found that my stomach doesn’t like gluten-free cereals much (even before I got pregnant). So I would say that my stomach is not really suited to a gluten-free diet.

  117. Yesterday’s Classics. It’s the best ebook library I’ve seen and how great would it be to have it accessible to more than one child at a time!

  118. I would use it for homeschooling at the __________. Fill in the blank. We would also love to use it for cookbooks and bible reading.

  119. I would love to keep my books on it.

  120. I would use it for some of the educational games I’ve thought were worthwhile. I’d also use it to easily get online recipes to the kitchen so I don’t have to run back and forth to the computer. And books…so many books!

  121. Becky Andrus says:

    We would use it for homeschooling, getting books from the library, free books from homeschool giveaways and such. We would love to have one!

  122. We are a homeschool book lovin family! I know this would be used a lot by my 8yr. old for reading. She loves to read not just for school but just for fun!

  123. We are wheat-free (gluten-free) and it has helped us a LOT. I have Hashimoto’s and my son has Celiac symptoms, so it was a must-do for us.

  124. If we were to win a Kindle Fire, I might be able to keep my monster reader satiated with books! I would foresee it getting a great workout in our homeschool of three students!

  125. My 10 yr old would use it to continue her love of reading!

  126. I would love to have a Kindle Fire for my middle girl to use in her schooling!!

  127. For everything! I agree with others on all of the entry “rigamarole”! “One time and your done” really is more fair! Esp. for those of us who don’t do all the social media! Oh well, thanks anyway!

  128. Tiffany Knarr says:

    We would use it for school & reading. We LOVE books around here!!!

  129. I would use a Kindle Fire mostly for my boys. I love that they have that Kindle Freetime I think its called…for something like $3 a month-great childrens books, games, and videos in color! We would so enjoy this.

  130. Christina Ardelean says:

    This would be great to have for homeschool and travel. I have 3 wonderful daughters who would get great use out of this.

  131. We use read-aloud time to cover missions, historic figures and other topics. We really love the YWAM series of Christian Heroes Then and Now and American Heroes Then and Now, and these are now available for Kindle. I’d also enjoy being able to use educational apps with the kids.

  132. My daughter would love this! She loves reading and it would be wonderful for her homeschool.

  133. I would use to encourage my oldest to read more, as well as an easy travel library for when we are on the go. Probably also as an incentive for getting other work done so the kids can read on the cool technology.

  134. since we are homeschooling our 4 children we would use our kindle for homeschooling purposes. I know it would get my two kindergarteners more interested in reading, my older boys would love it for games and learning purposes as well.

  135. I would use it for bible study, for movies on the go for kids.

  136. I would love for my children to be able to read and keep as many books as the like! I was hoping to get one of these for my family for Christmas but they are so expensive! Thank you for the opportunity!

  137. Would definitely use it for homeschool!

  138. Rachel Traver says:

    Would use it for reading books and educational apps for the kiddos. Thanks!

  139. Reading!

  140. Since we live so far from a library I would use it for an ereader and there are so many educational apps to supplement/reinforce what the children are learning. We would love to have one!

  141. I would use it for reading and for my son as a learning tool.

  142. I would use it to read the Bible and for the kiddos to read a lot of their school books.

  143. Why are you partnering with someone promoting yoga for kids?

  144. I entered the giveaway on one of the other blogs. Just leaving a comment to let you know I dropped by.

  145. I would use it mostly as a reader. We own an iPad mini and having a kindle would allow us to remove alot of the books from the iPad.

  146. Alisa Chessani says:

    Wow, it would be so wonderful to have a kindle for all those “Mom, I forgot I have to do a book report” moments! :-)

  147. Michele Roy says:

    I would use a Kindle with the kids for any homeschool on the go activities, and with the you version app for church services on Sunday. :)

  148. I would use a Kindle for homeschooling. There are some free books on line that I would love to read to my kids, but don’t like reading them from the computer and don’t get around to printing them out. We love books in our home, but it would be nice to take advantage of some of the Kindle books that are around.

  149. Angela Sustala says:

    I would use it for books and for homeschooling!

  150. We have given up wheat for the most part for the whole family, but definitely for three of my children and myself (because I’m nursing a baby who needs to avoid it). We definitely see an improvement in the health of our children. For those who have to avoid it, we have less behavior issues and less bed wetting.

    If I was blessed enough to win a Kindle Fire, I would use it most as an e-reader. We use the Robinson Curriculum which is a lot of books that are supposed to be printed out (or purchased if you are lucky enough to find them!) I have about 3/4 of the books already, but having difficulty finding the last 1/4 and would love to have them on an e-reader instead of printing them out.

  151. There are lots of ways I see a Kindle Fire being used in our home. First, the design of Kindle would be used, to read books!! I’d love to be able to let my children read books on the Kindle and my daughter has been asking for one to read the “Sparks books like what Granny has”.
    We’d also use it to supplement the homeschooling that goes on and keep little brother occupied so we can focus on math! :)

  152. Susannah King says:

    Stopping by to check out your blog :) I entered the giveaway from a different site.

  153. New fan from the blog hop giveaway! :) I would use the Kindle Fire with my homeschool kiddos. So many great resources available now to use with the Kindle! (especially since I have an recent injury it would save me lots of moving around πŸ˜‰ )

  154. school and cookbooks!

  155. I would use my Kindle in the kitchen while I cook. I would build a holder or stand somewhere convenient, and could have my recipes right there without having to print-out or make room for my laptop.

  156. What a great give away! This would make an awesome present for my kids at Christmas. My oldest loves to read & my youngest is really struggling. I think something with a bigger screen might help

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