3-Day FREEBIE: New Family Devotional on the Apostles’ Creed

Laying the Foundation is free for THREE DAYS as our launch special.This is a fantastic study that will teach your child the essentials of the Christian Faith. Grab it now. Expires: Friday, July 19th, 2014 @ 11:50 PM EST #Freebie #BibleStudy #ChristianParentingFor hundred of years the Apostles’ Creed has been the most cherished creed in the church. Going back to the earliest centuries of the church, it was used as a basis for instructing newcomers to the faith.

Now you can introduce your children to the Creed, line by line, in our new family Bible study: Laying the Foundation.

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Quotes About the Apostles’ Creed

“Receive, my children, the Rule of Faith…write it in your heart, and say it daily to yourselves; before you sleep, before you go forth, arm yourself with your Creed.” – St. Augustine

“The foundation of true religion stands upon the oracles of God…a beautiful summary of which we have in that which is called the Apostles’ Creed.” – John Wesley

“Christian truth could not possibly be put into a shorter and clearer statement.” – Martin Luther

About the Study

This study includes 30 devotionals, each one about 10 minutes in length. Each devotional starts with an opening thought, then a Scripture reading, an explanation, and then thought-provoking questions to ask your children. Each devotional also ends with a Scripture-based prayer.

More Info About the Apostles’ Creed

Apostles Creed Family Bundle ProductsComplementary Handwriting Workbooks

Our Apostles’ Creed Family Bundle includes the Bible study as well as two handwriting workbooks (cursive and manuscript) and flashcards to aid in the memory of the Apostles’ Creed.

You can buy the workbooks in our store.


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  2. Kristine H. says:

    Thank you for this study! We are excited to work through it! God bless you and your family!

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