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DIY Essential Oil Nighttime Lotion

Cook: 15 mins
Total: 15 mins
Nourish your skin and soothe your body with this easy, completely natural essential oil nighttime lotion! The scents of chamomile and lavender will help you relax at bedtime. Wonderful for little ones, too!


Base Lotion

  • 1/6 cup aloe vera gel pure gel, not the aloe vera sunburn relief gel (check the ingredients! It should just be aloe vera.)
  • 1/6 cup coconut oil

Nighttime Lotion

  • 2 oz base lotion approximately 1/3 cup, or the full batch above
  • chamomile and lavender essential oils


To make base lotion

  • Combine coconut oil and aloe vera gel. Mix well by hand or use a mixer until fully combined and smooth.

To make nighttime lotion

  • Begin adding as few drops of oils as possible until you get the smell you desire. Remember you can always mellow the smell by adding more lotion if you go too far. Try a 50/50 blend of lavender and chamomile first and then adjust as preferred.
  • For very young children and pregnant women add 3-6 drops of oils (total) to base lotion.
  • For older children over 6 add 6-12 drops of oils to base lotion.
  • For adults add 12-24 drops of oils to base lotion.
  • Chamomile and lavender are both delightful on their own but they also smell wonderful when combined.
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