“Having the Talk”: Group License Terms

A group license allows group facilitators to show all Having the Talk and/or Having the Talk: Changes video lessons to parent groups of any size—small church groups, homeschool groups, large church meetings, MOPS groups, or any other setting where parents gather for instruction and support.

Group facilitators will have online access to all video lessons in order to prepare for group meetings and play lessons at group meetings, but facilitators may not share login access with group members. This license is for showing the videos in group settings only.

Group facilitators will receive a digital copy of the corresponding book for the video series they purchase, either The Talk: 7 Lesson to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality or Changes: 7 Biblical Lessons to Make Sense of Puberty. These are the books all parents are encouraged to use with their children at home. Facilitators may not print or digitally share their copy with group members. Individuals in the group are encouraged to buy a print or digital copy of their personal use.

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