{DIY} Non-Toxic Sunburn Care


Preventing sunburn and sun damage is very important. Excessive sun exposure causes long-lasting skin damage and can lead to cancer. There are many ways we can prevent harmful rays from harming our skin and our children's skin, from using a non-toxic DIY sunscreen, to wearing sun-blocking clothing, and more. However, most of us will eventually get a sunburn, and so … [Read more...]

Strawberry Coconut Popsicles

My kids favorite summer time treat - Strawberry Coconut Popsicles!

If you're in need of an easy to make, fun to eat snack that's full of healthy ingredients, you've come to the right place. These Strawberry Coconut Popsicles are my kids' newest favorite afternoon snack.   There's something about summertime that calls for popsicles. I know one of my favorite childhood treats were my mom's homemade ones, and I'm happy to pass … [Read more...]

Talking to Kids About Homosexuality: Modeling Love, Honoring Truth, and Tackling Tough Questions


We live in a rapidly changing culture. Sexual orientations that were once taboo are now largely acceptable and even celebrated. From all sectors of the media, public figures are coming out of the closet—movie stars, Olympic athletes, pop singers, morning talk show hosts, rock musicians, NBA players, reality TV stars, news anchors, and country singers. President Barak … [Read more...]

2015 Top Picks Homeschool Curriculum Giveaway


Have you checked out the Top Picks 2015 Homeschool Curriculum Guide? It's organized by subject and FULL of some of the very BEST homeschool curriculum choices! We love these companies and their products so much that we wanted to be able to give away a few to you for FREE! And by a few, we mean over $6300 worth of prizes! There are five prize pack giveaways {thus there … [Read more...]

Creamy Purple Cabbage (with bacon!)


I really like purple cabbage. My kids really like purple cabbage. Plain ole' green cabbage they turn their nose up at. But there's something about the purple cabbage beckons them to eat it. Is it the color? The crunch? The extra vitamins in red cabbage? Who cares what it is. I'm just happy it's a vegetable everyone in my family enjoys! I tend to think that … [Read more...]