Listening to Your Body: My Pica Story


There are cravings, like the much needed snickers bar during PMS, or Mexican foods during pregnancy. Then there are the really weird food cravings that get you on a reality television show, like clay, dirt, cigarette ashes, or worse. Pica. It's the name for those really weird food cravings or actually eating said non edible objects. Generally, it's just a small … [Read more...]

7 Easy Steps to Organized Homeschool Curriculum

7 Easy Steps to Organized Homeschool (1)

The first year of homeschooling isn't so bad. You remember: that year when you were only homeschooling one kindergartener. All of their books fit into one nice tidy little box or on one little bookshelf. The second year wasn't too bad either. I might have even said smugly to myself, "This really is easy peasy." But a few years and a few kids in, it starts to get … [Read more...]

Favorite Summer Things Giveaway!

Favorite Summer Things Giveaway Collage

Summer is... Family vacations. Playing in the pool with my boys. Trips to the beach. Flip flops. Grilling out. What says summer to you? Summer and family road-trips go hand in hand. That was the inspiration behind this giveaway. The winner of this giveaway will receive... 1. Travel Berkey ($249.00) from United Environmental Solutions. I have a Big Berkey … [Read more...]

Sugar-Free Homemade Peanut Butter Cups


I will totally admit I have a major sweet tooth. Sigh. Even now that I know just how bad junk food is for you, I still stare longingly at the brightly colored packages of candy in the check out isle. However, sugar and I just don't agree. My body is much happier when I am avoiding sugar. Still, I feel a need to have a treat now and again. (More like every night after … [Read more...]

Testing for Lyme Disease: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Lyme Disease Testing

Imagine a world... Imagine a world where the approved screening test for a disease running rampant misses 55% or more positive individuals. Imagine a world where a second screening test is available, but this test still miss 20-30% of positive individuals. Imagine a world, where the CDC has removed vital pieces of information from this test, making accurate diagnosis … [Read more...]

Homeschool Curriculum: Our Plans for 2nd Grade


Since Cameron is my second-born, you would think I'd have this homeschool thing all figured out, right? Well, sorta. There are certain things I have kept the same with Cameron, but Cameron has a very different personality and learning style from his brother. Unfortunately, for my pocketbook, that means that I'm needing to buy new curriculum. But, fortunately for my son, … [Read more...]