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Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Communion Wafers


The closer the communion plate moved toward our aisle, the more uncomfortable I got. I was supposed to be completely grain-free, but what do I do about these gluten-filled communion wafers? The communion plate reached our aisle, and by now I was completely preoccupied with the question of what to do—do I take a communion wafer or do I skip it? I squirmed in my … [Read more...]

How Simplify Your Homeschool Day Without Sacrificing Quality


I was homeschooled K-12 and was given a fantastic Charlotte Mason education—a philosophy of education that emphasizes "living books" and no textbooks at all. During High School I actually read through some of Charlotte Mason's books myself. Even as a 17 year old I loved her philosophies and dreamed of the day when I could homeschool my own children with these amazing … [Read more...]

Simplify Life: Use This One Word to Transform Your Life


It happens simply, almost innocently, with a phone call. A text. An email. We should get together this weekend, when are you free? They really need help with the four-year-old class . . . You should absolutely take advantage of this opportunity! It’s nothing earth shattering—surely I should be able to do this one thing. Yet my stomach makes that familiar flop, and … [Read more...]

Simplify Life: Use This 3-Step Checklist for Stress-Free Living

SImplify Life - Use This 3-Step Checklist For Stress-Free Living

Before I had children I travelled a lot. My job took me all round Europe. My husband travelled for work as well, and we’d often meet in odd places just to guarantee seeing each other—Majorca, Malta, Antigua. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t like the stress of packing at short notice because my boss wanted me in Barcelona tomorrow. With such a busy schedule, it was an extra … [Read more...]

Simplify Life: 10 Strategies to Creating a More Meaningful Prayer Life

10 Strategies to Creating a More Meaninful Prayer Life

As an extrovert and as someone who was in vocational ministry for several years, I've gotten pretty good at praying publicly. I know how to plagiarize the Bible just enough to sound holy, but not too much to sound unoriginal. I've learned how to keep my prayers short enough to maintain interest, but long enough to sound thoughtful. Yes, I've gotten pretty good at … [Read more...]