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5 Reason’s You’re Not Sleeping Well At Night


It seems like our culture worships the ability to function on little sleep. How often do we hear people boast that they only need a few hours of sleep? (You won't ever hear that from me. No sir. I love my sleep.) Sleep impacts not only our overall feelings of wellbeing, but also our health. Lack of sleep decreases your ability to concentrate and be productive during the … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Spice Dairy Free Cheesecake


I know you are all asking the question.... What the heck is in this "cheesecake" then?  And does it taste good? The answer to the second question is, Yes! This Pumpkin Spice Dairy Free Cheesecake tastes very good.  It is incredibly decadent, rich, simply superb. The answer to the first question is explained below.  You know what else?  It is Gluten Free, Grain Free, Egg … [Read more...]

Sex Ed and Young Kids (Ages 4-7): 5 Critical Reminders


Ever since I released my parent-child Bible study, The Talk, I've had some great conversations with parents about their challenges and successes talking to their kids about sexuality. Many parents want to know how they should start talking to their younger kids about sex, intuitively knowing they shouldn't save all the education about it for some awkward conversation … [Read more...]

WIN a Royal Berkey Water Purifier ($300 value)


My guess is that you are blessed with access to clean running water. While we don't really worry about parasites in our water, did you know there are a number of other yuckys that can be found in your city or well water? These materials can contribute to illness and cause long-term damage to your body. It's important that the water you drink is pure. Want to learn more … [Read more...]

The Flu Shot’s Not Enough: How to Make It More Effective


We skip the flu vaccine, but I know not everyone makes that choice. For our family the benefits simply don't outweigh the consequences. If you are one that has decided the best option for your family is to receive the flu vaccine, I want to give you some pointers to help reduce the damage of the vaccine. I also know there are some of you that are required to get the flu … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Avoiding the Flu without a Shot


Some people label us "crunchy." A few years ago I had no idea what that term meant. I now know it refers to folks who are health-conscious, environmentally-sensitive types. It seems to have become a junk-drawer term for anything that sounds remotely hippie-ish: wearing babies in a sling, owning chickens, breastfeeding a 6-year-old in public, thinking coconut oil is the … [Read more...]

Flu Shot Facts: Hidden Truth in the Fine Print


One, two, three, four little boys fall prey to the flu. As my stomach begins to cramp and churn and my temperature begins to rise, I wonder if maybe I should have taken our pediatrician up on her suggestion to get the flu shot. She and the nurse both asked us about it when we were in for the well-child visit. I declined. I received not one but two phone calls from … [Read more...]

{DIY} Flu Bomb: Plus 5 more Essential Oil Recipes to Kill the Flu


Time to stock your medicine cabinet! Flu season starts up in October and peaks in December and January. All around, flu shot clinics are are opening up. Are there more natural ways to combat the flu? I’m so glad you asked! With a few simple essential oils recipes, you can make some wonderful natural products that will help keep your family healthy through the fall and … [Read more...]

A Christian Parent’s Guide to Halloween: Activities & Events

A Christian Parent's Guide to Halloween

The thought occurred to me a while back that I'd like to throw a Halloween party at our home. I pitched the idea to some other parents. By the looks on some of their faces, you would think I just said that I wanted to date Satan. Indeed, as I peeled back layers of their opinions, this was not far from the truth: to them, to enjoy Halloween is like climbing in bed with the … [Read more...]

All Hallows’ Eve Party Ideas – A Halloween Alternative with a {FREE} Printable Party Pack


My kids have always loved Halloween—what kid doesn't like dressing up and getting candy? But for many Christian families, the idea of participating in something so associated with evil rubs their conscience the wrong way. It is important to remember that Halloween is a derivation of "All Hallows' Eve," as in, "All Saints' Eve." In its purest form, All Saints' was a time … [Read more...]