How to Use Christmas Carols for Family Devotions

Detail of songbook with Christmas carols and Christmas decorations.

We’ve never had to teach our kids to like Christmas carols—they have always loved them. We love to saturate our house with music throughout the year, but during the month of December, Christmas songs fill the atmosphere. We even enjoy a lot of the secular carols that dominate the radio in December—we love rockin’ around the Christmas tree with Brenda Lee, learning what … [Read more...]

{DIY} Relaxing Bath Salt Recipe

Relaxing Bath Salt Recipe

"Mama, look at me!"  "Hey mama, where is my coat?"  "Have you seen the red tape measure?"  My family is awesome. I love them to pieces. They talk a lot though and while I love the chatter, the questions and the giggles, some days are mama sensory overload. When I start to feel heavily burdened or annoyed over silly things, I know it's time to step back and take … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipe Swap!

ThanksgivingRecipeSwap-RealFoodGlutenFree (1)

If you've ever bemoaned the fact, as I have, that the holidays mean lots of off-limit foods, this article is for you. If you look at your family Thanksgiving table each year, and realize that most of the dishes are filled with gluten and you'll have to pass them by, this article is for you. This year, I've partnered with several bloggers to bring you recipes that … [Read more...]

Protein-Packed Pumpkin Roll (gluten-free & sugar-free)


Holidays can be a veritable minefield when it comes to eating healthy. The sugar, the wheat, and the heavily processed foods to make all of the special treats flow with abundance. I'm alright with splurging a little bit during the holidays—well, for me one splurge can turn into a full on pig-fest. I kid you not. While I don't splurge on gluten-filled goodies (I don't I … [Read more...]

Mini Ham & Cheese Balls


One of those appetizers, that just seem like a "classic" to me are cheeseballs. They are yummy and those little balls of deliciousness look cute as can be surrounded by crackers, veggies, or dippers of your choice. Well...they look cute until the first person shove a knife into the cheeseball and takes a gouge out of the center of it. Sure, they still taste good, but … [Read more...]

My Post-Weaning Depression and Anxiety Story


This article tells my story of dealing with post-weaning depression and anxiety. If you are dealing with either, please do not take this post as medical advice. Talk with your doctor if you think you need help. I've never had post-partum depression immediately after my children were born, but 3 years ago after I weaned my son, depression blind-sided me for about 2 … [Read more...]

The Perfect Planner for Homemakers: Win Homemakers Friend Daily Planner (2 Winners)


When it comes to keeping the family on schedule, in our family that falls on my shoulders. I know I'm not alone. When my husband and I talk to most of our friends, the mom is the keeper of the schedule in the family. I am the Chief of Staff around here. Keeping on top of everything is a big job. Every year, I try to search out the perfect planner. Yes, I'm still old … [Read more...]