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Homeschool Planning 101: Putting it into Practice (Part 3 of 3)

Homeschool Planning 101 (3)

The last two weeks we have focused on homeschooling goals and touched on planning your schedule. Now it's time to fill in the details to make this a workable transition and transformation for your family. Keep in mind: life happens. While we work with the details, keep your own family's day-in and day-out rhythms at the front or your thoughts. Do you have a husband … [Read more...]

Very Blueberry Sugar-Free Ice Cream

plate of blueberry ice cream with fresh berries

Blueberries and ice cream—two things that remind me of childhood summers. I spent several years of my childhood living on the west side of Michigan where the blueberry patches are plentiful. Picking blueberries was a yearly event I looked forward to, but I think my brother, who ate more blueberries than actually went home, looked forward to it even more than I did. The … [Read more...]

Special 25% off Sale for YOU!

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Guys, I gotta be honest. This back to homeschool stuff is brutal on my budget. Curriculum just does not seem to get any cheaper. No, each year it seems I end up spending more and more on curriculum. Even if you aren't a homeschooler, I realize you feel this, too. Your kiddos need back-to-school clothes and school supplies. This is the reason we want to offer you … [Read more...]

The REAL Authorities on Essential Oils

What are the (1)

Have you ever wondered who it is you really should listen to when it comes to essential oils safety? For example, it seems like there are generally two camps when it comes to ingesting oils. One says to never ever use them internally. The other camp says to be liberal with internal use. The first camp says the second is irresponsible and undereducated. The second camp says … [Read more...]

Homeschool Planning 101: Define Your Focus and Schedule (Part 2 of 3)

Homeschool Planning 101 (1)

We are in the second part of a series dedicated to Homeschool Planning.  (click here to see my first post Homeschool Planning ~101: Setting Goals)  This post if focused on how and what to plan. We have given our plans to the Lord, written down the ideas we received somewhere so we can revisit  pray over them, jotted down long term and short term goals.  Today we will … [Read more...]

Back to {Home} School Giveaway!

Back to {Home} School season is in full force!! If you haven't started back yet, chances are you will be within a few weeks. What better way to kick off a new school year than by winning a HUGE homeschool prize pack? That is exactly what will happen to one lucky reader! Check out the awesomeness included in this Grand Prize Pack valued at over $1000!! Felice Gerwitz … [Read more...]

23 DIY Projects for Your Garden

23 DIY Projects for Gardeners from

Gardening is like any other hobby or life skill, it can get expensive as you buy equipment and tools. To help your garden budget, I've assembled some great DIY projects for gardeners who are willing to put some time out to save some money. Some of these projects can be made with reclaimed lumber (check Craigslist) or other items you may have around already. Others will … [Read more...]

Stop Playing with Yourself! Talking to Young Boys About Masturbation

Stop Playing with Yourself! Talking to Young Boys about Mastrubation. @ #TrainingBoys #Parenting

Since we released The Talk (our sex-ed Bible study for families) probably the most common question we've had from parents is this: How do I talk to my son about the subject of masturbation? Masturbation, for many boys, is something they will experiment with in their lives—at least a few times, if not habitually. According to The Janus Report on Sexual Behavior, 25% of … [Read more...]

{4-Day Freebie} Homeschool Membership Subscription ($100+ in educational materials)


It's that time again...yup, time for another subscriber-only freebie! School time is just around the corner. (I'm cringing as I write this because I'm just not ready yet.) Since we're thinking about school, I have a great freebie for you: a 3 month premium membership to Meet Penny where you'll be able to download over $100 in educational materials. Premium Membership to … [Read more...]

Coconut Key Lime Cake Recipe (Grain-Free)

Gluten-Free Key-Lime Coconut Cake 2

I've been on a gluten-free and "grain-light" diet for quite some time now. I eat far fewer grains than the average American. Recently, my Health Coach said it's important for me to go 100% grain-free. With a groan...I acquiesced. I knew it was coming. I just wasn't ready for it. But, I'm more ready for it than some. I have plenty of experience cooking with … [Read more...]