2015 Top Picks Homeschool Curriculum Giveaway


Have you checked out the Top Picks 2015 Homeschool Curriculum Guide? It's organized by subject and FULL of some of the very BEST homeschool curriculum choices! We love these companies and their products so much that we wanted to be able to give away a few to you for FREE! And by a few, we mean over $6300 worth of prizes! There are five prize pack giveaways {thus there … [Read more...]

Creamy Purple Cabbage (with bacon!)


I really like purple cabbage. My kids really like purple cabbage. Plain ole' green cabbage they turn their nose up at. But there's something about the purple cabbage beckons them to eat it. Is it the color? The crunch? The extra vitamins in red cabbage? Who cares what it is. I'm just happy it's a vegetable everyone in my family enjoys! I tend to think that … [Read more...]

Mackinac Island: Michigan Family Vacation Destinations

Mackinac Island Family Vacation

The Great Lakes contain around 35,000 islands, dozens of which have year-round populations. We happen to live less than 3½ hours from the Straights of Macinac, the narrow waterway connecting Lake Huron to Lake Michigan, so recently we took a trip north with our two oldest boys before the tourist season began. If you're up for a ferry ride, you can easily get to Mackinac … [Read more...]

2015 Used Curriculum Sale!


Are you ready for a sale! This year, I'm participating in a used curriculum sale. I have books on my shelf that I no longer need, but maybe you do! Below I have listed books for sale. I've included a link to a reputable source so you can read descriptions of the products. How does it work? Decide what curriculum you would like (all prices include shipping via … [Read more...]

The Hidden Blessing of Strong Willed Children


There was a time when my husband and I were rather skilled at patting ourselves on the back. I think it was pretty well-deserved. After all, we had given the world its very first angelic two-year-old. We were the best parents ever. She was compliant and sweet, cheerful and thoughtful. Yep. Best. Kid. Ever. "Terrible twos?" we scoffed in private. "Not our … [Read more...]