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Can I Garden in the Winter?

Can I Garden In Winter? |

Have you ever wondered if you can garden any time other than summer? Well, the short answer is yes! The slightly longer is that you can garden in ANY season, it will just look different. I've already covered fall gardening, this month we are covering winter gardening. Things to Consider for Winter Gardening A winter garden will need more protection than your typical … [Read more...]

4 Days {Freebie} Bible Activities Set


As we train our children in the Lord, we think on how they can enjoy activities while learning the teachings of the Bible. Well, this week's subscriber freebie will give you a chance to do just that. These 67 pages of Bible activity printables are ready to be printed out and put into action. I personally am excited to begin using these printables with my children! They'll … [Read more...]

Trying to Be Supermom: Getting it All Done When You Don’t Feel Well


Fatigue. Aches. Pains. Weight gain. Despite making healthier and healthier decisions, it seems like I continue to be plagued with increasing difficulties. I shared about this recently in both an email and in my post 10 Motivations for Healthy Eating. I'm sad to say, this really seemed to resonate with a number of you. I wouldn't wish what I feel like many days on … [Read more...]

How Do I Discipline My Kids Without Getting Mad?


Reader Question: How can I discipline my children without losing my cool? Ten simple words make up this question, yet the answer is so complex, so polarizing, and varied, thousands of books written from every opinion and worldview can be found; each with a different formula on how to "properly" discipline your child without losing your composure. (It's like this parenting … [Read more...]

5 Reason’s You’re Not Sleeping Well At Night


It seems like our culture worships the ability to function on little sleep. How often do we hear people boast that they only need a few hours of sleep? (You won't ever hear that from me. No sir. I love my sleep.) Sleep impacts not only our overall feelings of wellbeing, but also our health. Lack of sleep decreases your ability to concentrate and be productive during the … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Spice Dairy Free Cheesecake


I know you are all asking the question.... What the heck is in this "cheesecake" then?  And does it taste good? The answer to the second question is, Yes! This Pumpkin Spice Dairy Free Cheesecake tastes very good.  It is incredibly decadent, rich, simply superb. The answer to the first question is explained below.  You know what else?  It is Gluten Free, Grain Free, Egg … [Read more...]

Sex Ed and Young Kids (Ages 4-7): 5 Critical Reminders


Ever since I released my parent-child Bible study, The Talk, I've had some great conversations with parents about their challenges and successes talking to their kids about sexuality. Many parents want to know how they should start talking to their younger kids about sex, intuitively knowing they shouldn't save all the education about it for some awkward conversation … [Read more...]

WIN a Royal Berkey Water Purifier ($300 value)


My guess is that you are blessed with access to clean running water. While we don't really worry about parasites in our water, did you know there are a number of other yuckys that can be found in your city or well water? These materials can contribute to illness and cause long-term damage to your body. It's important that the water you drink is pure. Want to learn more … [Read more...]

The Flu Shot’s Not Enough: How to Make It More Effective


We skip the flu vaccine, but I know not everyone makes that choice. For our family the benefits simply don't outweigh the consequences. If you are one that has decided the best option for your family is to receive the flu vaccine, I want to give you some pointers to help reduce the damage of the vaccine. I also know there are some of you that are required to get the flu … [Read more...]