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5 Reasons Homeschoolers Should Use Report Cards (plus a free printables)

Homeschoolers use report cards?! Yup - here are 5 reasons you should too! Plus some free printable templates to get you started.

Some states require homeschoolers to submit reports for everything - curriculum, lesson plans, progress reports and even semester report cards - for every grade, not just high school. But what about those states who don't? Should we still record grades? I will admit, we have homeschooled in two states and neither of them required reports to be submitted. However, … [Read more...]

Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting (grain-free & refined sugar-free)


Birthday parties for the little people can be challenging when your grain-free and you're trying to limit your kids refined sugar intake. They aren't quite so challenging though when you have a delicious cake any kid would love—like this grain-free banana cake with peanut butter frosting! I'm going to be honest here. My kids sometimes have refined sugar. They … [Read more...]

Overcoming Depression: Can Essential Oils Help?


If you’ve ever struggled with depression, you know that it can really affect your daily life. So many people deal with various types and degrees of depression and look to more natural remedies to help. Many sources recommend trying essential oils. There are several oils that are suggested for generally lifting the mood or for various types of the condition, including … [Read more...]

Write Through the Bible — For a Younger Crowd!


Several years ago I was planning my homeschool curriculum for the coming school year, and I realized there were a few subjects I didn't have covered. I was already overwhelmed, knowing when school started I'd be nursing twin infants and have a two-year old to look after. How could I add more to our plate? With every subject I added, that was more time spent on … [Read more...]

Grain-Free Banana Nut Butter Donuts (Refined Sugar-Free)

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 6.46.43 PM

These grain-free, sugar-free Banana Nut Butter Donuts are a simple, tasty start to any day. Sweetened only with fruit, they’re perfect for breakfast, or add a little honey-sweetened icing and serve them for dessert! (Or you could still eat them for breakfast.)  Somewhere in my imagination I have this idea that life should be lived slowly, mornings should be taken … [Read more...]