Handwriting Worksheets that Help Your Child with Bible Memory

handwriting worksheets copywork for Bible memoryWhen we released both our manuscript and cursive handwriting workbooks two weeks ago, we were unprepared for the enormous response: more than 4,600 people have downloaded it in the last two weeks!

What is Write Through the Bible? It is a year’s worth of handwriting worksheets for elementary-age children that also help to reinforce Bible memory. These handwriting worksheets combine all your handwriting practice, dictation practice, and vocabulary development into one downloadable workbook—all while helping your child to internalize God’s Word.

We’ve had a number of questions about Write Through the Bible so we wanted to address some of those questions here.

What grade levels do you recommend using these handwriting worksheets?

This depends on the writing ability of your child. We know from watching our two oldest boys that the fine motor skills required for writing can develop at different times in different children. The manuscript is appropriate for a child once they have learned how to form all of their letters. Likewise, the cursive is appropriate for children who have learned how to form letters in cursive.

As a general rule, the manuscript should be appropriate for children in K – 3rd grades and the cursive should be appropriate for children in 2nd – 5th grades.

What should I do if my child doesn’t know how to write using D’Nealian manuscript?

There are a number of options:

1) Teach your child D’Nealian manuscript. There are several advantages to this. D’Nealian helps to eliminate the b-d reversal problem. It is also a great preparation for cursive (87% of D’Nealian lower case letters are the same in cursive, and it helps a child to develop the rhythm needed for the “flow” of cursive).

2) You could let your child write the letters as he or she has been taught and use the workbook as a guide for what text to write (even if the letters aren’t formated the same).

3) Skip the manuscript handwriting and move to cursive handwriting.

If you’re child isn’t ready for cursive, and you don’t want them to unlearn their current writing style, go with option 2. If they are ready for cursive, go with option 3. Our oldest son wanted to learn cursive early, so we went ahead and taught him. There was no reason to hold him back.

Why did you choose Philippians 2 as a Bible memory passage?

We first created this workbook for our oldest son this year for handwriting practice. We chose this text because we wanted to find a lengthier portion of Scripture we could all memorize as a family that was (1) gospel-centered, and (2) filled with practical, ethical applications. Philippians 2:1-18 is great because it contains the poetic portion in the middle, a hymn to Christ about his incarnation, death, and glory. It also has great applications about humility, service, unity, obedience, contentment, and being a witness.

Are there other workbooks you plan to make?

Yes. They are already in the works. We plan on releasing additional translations of the Bible as well as more popular passages of Scripture (10 Commandments, Lord’s Prayer, some Psalms, etc.). We hope to be releasing 2 more texts within the next couple of weeks!

Where do I get Write Through the Bible?

Right here!


  1. Thanks for a great resource! I’m excited to start using this!

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