Exodus 20:1-21 Intermediate Workbooks


This handwriting workbook is designed for a full school year (30 weeks) for ages 5 to 7. The text is Exodus 20:1-21, available in two translations: English Standard Version (ESV) and the King James Version (KJV).

Spiral-bound 330-page softcover books (with perforated pages) are available for $21.

Digital books are available for $15.

*Please note: softcover Exodus Intermediate books are in the final stages of printing. Expected ship date is currently 2/28/17. 



The text in this workbook (Exodus 20:1-21) is the Ten Commandments as delivered by God from Mt. Sinai. The Ten Commandments stand at the center of the Law of Moses and give us a foundational understanding of morality and the character of God.

This workbook contains 30 weeks of handwriting practice (for 4 days a week)—enough for an entire school year. It is designed for kids who need to move from writing letters to writing full sentences (5-7 years old).

Like other books in the Write Through the Bible program, this is designed as an interdisciplinary workbook. This resource helps busy parents integrate several subjects into one, including…

• Letter, word, and sentence formation
• Vocabulary
• Bible memory
• Fine motor skills

Each weekly section contains 4 lessons to be done over a period of 4 days. There are, however, 2 optional activities included in each weekly section. You can complete these on whatever day you have time throughout your week or save them for a 5th school day and use them as your “fun” activity day.

1. Memory verse cards can be cut out each week. The act of cutting these cards will help build fine motor strength and coordination. Then the cards can be used as a memory game to help your child memorize the passage.

2. The coloring activity can be completed and saved to assemble into a poster of the Bible passage at the end to the year. Coloring is another great way to build fine motor strength, and for many children, this is a fun reward for completing their copywork.

Additional Information
Bible Translation

English Standard Version (ESV), King James Version (KJV)

Handwriting Style

Ball-and-Stick, Cursive, D’Nealian Manuscript

Softcover or Digital

Digital (eBook), Softcover Book

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