Life of Christ – Family Reading Plan


This downloadable guide rearranges the stories from all four Gospels in chronological order (ideal for reading from January 1 to Easter).

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Stories written in the four Gospels are not always in chronological order, and in several instances there is considerable overlap and repetition among the Gospels. As much as we want to teach our children about the unique perspectives of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, we also want them to get a sense of the whole of Christ’s life from beginning to end.

The Life of Christ Family Reading Plan rearranges the stories from all four Gospels in chronological order. In instances where more than one Gospel tells the same story, only one Gospel account is listed (usually the account that is the most thorough).

This reading plan can be used whenever you like, but many families prefer to use is between January 1 and Easter. Because the time between January 1 and Easter varies from year to year, the plan provides four different reading schedules to accommodate (a 12-week plan, a 13-week plan, a 14-week plan, and a 15-week plan). The plan also includes a guide so you know which plan to use each year.

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