Screen Sense: 3 No-Fail Strategies to Ending the Struggle Over Screen Time


Access to the 100-minute video presentation and the complete Screen Sense Parent Toolkit (including a screen-time checklist, printable “screen bucks,” activity lists for kids of all ages, and an “activity discernment” discussion guide for parents to use with their children)


After this video training, you’ll be able to set up boundaries for screen time, without your kids voting you off the island. You’ll learn…

  • 3 easy-to-implement systems for screen time (1 of these 3 will be perfect for your family!) and how to avoid one of the biggest mistakes parents make when cutting down device time
  • When you’re getting started, you might be tempted to lay down the law. Bad news: these 10 common roadblocks will keep you from finding media balance in your home. (Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.)
  • The mindset shift that will get your kids away from the screens—with exactly zero nagging.
  • You can hang up that “mean mom” hat, because this tool will make “I’m bored” a thing of the past.
  • …and the secret art of training your kids about media balance with one easy-to-use illustration.

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