Changes: 7 Biblical Lessons to Make Sense of Puberty


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This devotional is a series of 7 parent-child Bible studies designed to help a pre-teen child (8 to 12 years old) understand the changes he or she can anticipate—both from a biological and Biblical point of view.

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Noel Bouché

Praise for “Changes”:

“In Changes, Luke and Trisha have given us a scriptural script and relevant roadmap for teaching, speaking, and, most importantly modeling the journey of becoming a sanctified sexual being. Celebrating change within our families just became a lot easier!” – Noel Bouché, President of PureHOPE

This series of studies covers basic theological and biological concepts that children ages 8 to 12 can understand. Each study is anchored in a specific text of Scripture.

  • Lesson 1 looks at the adolescent years of Jesus, talking about how the culture in which Jesus lived recognized puberty as an important phase of physical and spiritual development. The goal of this lesson is to help your child see these changes not as something bizarre, but as something good. Even the Son of God Himself went through them.
  • Lesson 2 looks at the process of change in the human body throughout all of life. Puberty is just one of several significant phases men and women go through as they age. Physical changes are a normal part of life and nothing to fear.
  • Lesson 3 addresses the mental and emotional changes of puberty, as well as the internal catalyst for change in our bodies: hormones. The goal of this lesson is to teach children there are natural internal mechanisms in the body that guide the process of puberty—created by a loving, wise, and sovereign God.
  • Lesson 4 looks at the overall physical changes common to both boys and girl, including basic changes like height, body hair, body odor, acne, etc. This is all part of the natural transition to adulthood.
  • Lesson 5 deals with the changes that take place in girls during puberty, such as fat deposits, breast development, and menstruation. These changes are a natural part of what it means to be female.
  • Lesson 6 is about changes that take place in boys during puberty, such as muscular growth, facial hair, voice changes, testicular growth, and ejaculation. These changes are a natural part of what it means to be male.
  • Lesson 7 will delve into physical attraction. The Bible describes physical attraction as both very good and very powerful. Our kids need to understand both its goodness and power if they are going to steward their sexual development well during puberty.

Each lesson has an opening discussion topic, a Scripture reading, an explanation of the passage, questions to ask your children, and a prayer. The book also contains simple line drawings of male and female anatomy.

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Changes is the 2nd installment in a series of books for parents to teach children about biblical sexuality. Learn about the whole sex ed series!

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I am so thankful for this resource. As the mom of many teens and someday-to-be-teens, it has been wonderful to be able to walk them through the process of puberty in such a comprehensive way. Using this book allowed frank discussions that weren’t intimidating for me (or for them). Thank you again!

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