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Transforming your family’s diet is easier than you think—one bite at a time. Yes, even you!

Like a lot of families today, the “standard American diet” used to be the norm in our home. I didn’t really have a good understanding of what foods would nourish our bodies, and we were also dealing with multiple food sensitivities. With small, bite-sized diet changes over the course of time, you can find recipes that not only delight your family’s taste buds but also nourish their bodies—without the use of grains or a lot of sugar. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef or real food pro to make delicious, healthy meals for your family. When you join the our community you’ll learn how to make delicious, healthy meals for your entire family.

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  • Easy Naturally Sweetened Chocolate Ice Cream

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We're Luke and Trisha and we believe you can honor God in all areas of your family’s life—nurturing your children's bodies, cultivating their minds, and inspiring their souls.

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